Mail time!

Hello, fairy godmothers of the world! Here are some tips and tricks to navigating the sometimes tricky Paraguayan mail system. Mail, most volunteers will tell you, is an instant day maker, and I also promise reciprocity, I’ll write ya letters! Also, I LOVE the people who work in my correo, so any chance to visit them is pretty fun. They open up early when they know I’m coming in on the 6am bus to get my mail, and always offer to share their mate with me.

My address is :

Hannah Croft, Cuerpo de Paz

tel: 0986755572

Arroyos y Esteros

Bernadino Caballero

Casi Teniente Rios



Some tips on sending things…

  • International forever stamps are the best way to get letters out, but always double check with the post office if you’re putting things like pictures in the envelopes because it may mess with the weight
  • Packages have the best luck if sent in USPS flat rate boxes. They look official and are less likely to get tampered with
  • When filling out your customs form, what they don’t know won’t kill them.
  • When filling out the customs form, never declare a value of more than 50USD. It looks suspicious and is more likely to be opened

Things not to send…

  • melty things without proper (ziploc bag) protection
  • caramel (loses all structural integrity)
  • expensive techy stuff — a flashdrive full of your favorite movies or the complete series of Friday Night Lights is cool, but not a big external hard drive or anything like that
  • microwave popcorn — ndaipori microondas aqui
  • hardcover books — I will be donating all of my books to the Peace Corps library after service, and it would break my heart to leave nice copies of books

Some things I can’t find here…

  • Coffee
  • Craft beer
  • Dark chocolate
  • nuts that aren’t peanuts
  • dried fruit
  • Chocolate covered anything (specifically almonds and espresso beans)
  • ziploc bags, especially the gallon size
  • tupperware
  • spices! curry, turmeric, red pepper flakes, garlic salt, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, things that provide flava.
  • hot sauce! I’m partial to sriracha and hate tabasco
  • scented candles — my house gets really musty especially during the rainy season
  • pictures of you on tops of mountains, playing in the ocean, hugging a puppy, being generally beautiful
  • quinoa
  • Dr. Bronners peppermint castile soap
  • pens
  • journals
  • rehydration/electrolyte tablets — Nuun is my personal favorite
  • flash drives of music, movies, tv

If you’re ever curious about mail or how to sneak in a jar of peanut butter or a bottle of Dr. B’s, my mother has become an expert. Honestly, I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for those of you who’ve already sent me some love. It makes the tough days a whole lot easier when I can rehydrate, eat some yummy chocolate, and read a note from someone back home. ❤


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